Lighting Up Your Business: Commercial LEDs

commercial led lighting

No matter what industry your business is in, the ambiance of your space is crucial to a successful environment. Whether you’re accommodating a customer-facing storefront or creating a production warehouse, the right lighting can make or break a brand’s image. With LED lighting, businesses have a variety of color options and brightness levels to choose from which each creates a distinct and memorable ambiance, serving as an extension of the brand’s identity. In other words, the success of your business is in the details.

Here are four reasons choosing the right LED lighting is crucial for your business: 

  • Employee productivity
  • Customer experience
  • Branding
  • Financial savings

Employee Productivity

In a previous blog, we discussed how different Kelvin (CCT) ratings in LED lighting can create different types of working atmospheres. In general, a “low” CCT, which produces a warm, yellowish hue, often creates a cozy atmosphere. If you’re hoping to encourage your employees’ productivity in a warehouse, for example, you may want to stay away from this type of lighting. Instead, LED lighting with “high” CCT, which creates a bluish light, has been proven to increase productivity and concentration. 

Customer Experience

Similar to employee productivity, different types of LED lighting can significantly influence customer experience. From outdoor LED lighting in the parking lot to commercial LED lighting inside the store, the right type of lighting can make a customer feel more comfortable and secure, thus enhancing their shopping experience. 

For example, outdoor areas like parking lots, gas stations, and even outdoor seating areas for restaurants can all benefit from specific types of LED lighting such as canopy lights or LED wallpacks. In a parking lot or gas station, you may opt for LED lighting with a high CCT to create a bright ambience and increase a customer’s sense of safety. NuWatt offers an Ultra Bright 5000K canopy light that will provide a Daylight White illumination for those dark nights. However, for an outdoor patio at a restaurant, you may want a more cozy atmosphere, thus choosing LED lighting with a low CCT. In this case, opting for NuWatt's flood lights that offer 3 color temperatures to accommodate the ambiance of your business would be ideal.

Inside a storefront, you’ll want to consider the Color Rendering Index (CRI) of your LED lighting. The CRI is a metric which indicates how the light source will render colors under that lighting. In retail spaces specifically, you’ll want to choose LED lighting with a high CRI. A higher CRI means that the light source will render colors more faithfully to how they would appear under natural light, thus showcasing a product in the most authentic way possible. This can help customers feel confident in their purchase and may even encourage repeat purchases!

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In today’s consumer market with so many different brands and companies in the market, a strong brand identity is crucial to its success. Although often unnoticed, lighting can play a huge role in a brand’s image. With LED lighting, brands are able to completely customize lighting to their unique needs and desires. LED lighting offers a variety of color options and brightness levels to create a distinct and memorable ambiance. 

Financial Savings

Because LED lighting has a longer lifespan and uses 80% less energy than incandescent lighting, businesses can save a lot of money over time. A longer lifespan means fewer replacements throughout the year are needed and less energy consumption means that your overall energy bill may decrease as well.

Other Benefits of LED Lighting

benefits of led lighting