Selecting the Best Commercial Outdoor Lighting Suitable for Both Business and Residential Spaces

outdoor lighting

When it comes to elevating your outdoor areas, lighting can play a key role in both the look and functionality of the space. Not only does commercial outdoor lighting offer a sense of security and safety by lighting up your space all night long, it can also be used as a design element. There are several different types of outdoor lighting, all of which can be used to accent landscapes, features, and buildings in their own unique ways. At NuWatt, we offer five different types of commercial outdoor lighting:

  • LED Spotlights
  • LED Flood Lights
  • LED Wall Packs
  • LED Canopy Lights
  • LED Outdoor Rated Recessed Lights

Here’s how to choose and where to use the outdoor lighting that is best for your space:

LED Outdoor Spotlights

Spotlight lighting is versatile and can be used for both security reasons and as a decorative accent. This type of commercial lighting offers directional lighting to highlight specific areas or features such as fountains, pathways, flag poles, and garden features such as hedges, flower beds, and trees. LED outdoor spotlights can also be used to light up the sides of homes or businesses for an elevated dramatic effect. 

NuWatt’s bullet light serves as an LED outdoor spotlight, featuring 5CCT selectability. This allows you to tailor the lighting atmosphere to your specific preferences. Opt for warmer tones to accentuate key features, or choose cooler light for illuminating pathways and practical outdoor areas.

outdoor bullet light


LED Outdoor Flood Lights

Flood Lights are great to use for outdoor spaces where you want to incorporate upward light directions as a wall washer, or overhead on buildings or poles for downward light. This directional light results in a dramatic effect on the space, adding depth and dimension to otherwise flat architectural areas.

NuWatt’s LED flood lights come with a knuckle mount that allows for a 90-degree tilt, providing enhanced versatility. Additionally, these flood lights feature a wide, 120-degree beam angle, making them ideal for "wall washing" to create a dramatic upward lighting effect. Each NuWatt flood light offers 3CCT selectability, enabling you to choose a light color that aligns with your desired aesthetic.  

outdoor flood lights


LED Outdoor Wall Packs

Wall pack lighting can be used in both commercial or residential settings where an output of light is needed. This type of outdoor lighting is useful on the side of commercial buildings or on the top of garage doors to light up particularly dark spaces. This type of commercial outdoor lighting is great for adding an extra element of security and safety to your outdoor spaces.

NuWatt’s LED wall pack lights are equipped with a Dusk-to-Dawn Photocell Sensor, enabling them to automatically turn on at sunset and off at sunrise. So, there’s no need to remember to turn the wall pack lighting on and off each day, making your lighting needs even easier!

outdoor wall packs


LED Outdoor Canopy Lights

Canopy lighting is a great outdoor lighting option for places like gas stations and other areas that need a large amount of overhead light. This specific type of outdoor light is mounted directly onto the ceiling of canopy structures and can be used as commercial outdoor lighting in places such as garages, car wash canopies, and truck stops.

outdoor canopy lights


LED Outdoor Rated Recessed Lighting

If you're seeking a streamlined, modern commercial outdoor lighting solution for your home or commercial property, consider NuWatt’s outdoor recessed lighting. These fixtures are designed for easy installation into soffits, maintaining a clean and minimalistic aesthetic. Built to withstand damp conditions and offering 5 CCT selectable options, these lights are a reliable and customizable choice for any setting.

outdoor recessed lighting


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