How to Install Recessed Lighting

Illuminate your space with NuWatt's state-of-the-art recessed lighting. Choose between two innovative types: Retrofit and Canless. Retrofit lights are designed to fit into existing recessed can fixtures, offering a simple upgrade to LED technology. Canless lights, on the other hand, do not require a can and are installed directly into the ceiling, making them a sleek and modern option for any space. Keep reading to learn how to install both these recessed lighting options.

Recessed Lighting Kit

NuWatt's Canless lights come with an easy-to-connect junction box (Jbox) for faster installation, and both Retrofit and Canless lights offer adjustable color temperature settings (CCT) to customize the mood of your room.

Installing Canless Recessed Lighting

Canless Recessed Lighting install instructions

Safety First: Before beginning, ensure that the power is turned OFF from the electrical panel to prevent any electrical hazards.

1. Preparation:

Select the spot for your new light and cut a hole in the ceiling using the included template to ensure the correct size.

2. Junction Box Setup:

Open the junction box cover and remove the necessary knockout(s) on the side panel for cable insertion.

3. Cable Insertion:

Insert the electrical supply cable through the knockout and secure it with a cable connector (not included).

4. Wire Connections:

recessed lighting quick connector

Easily connect wires using quick-connect push-in terminals:

Green ground wire to the green terminal.

Black wire to the black terminal.

White wire to the white terminal.

5. Securing the Wires:

Tuck all wires and connections back into the box and close the cover.

6. Connecting the Driver:

connecting the driver

Attach the driver to the light with water-resistant connectors for a secure fit.

7. Selecting CCT:

cct selection

Choose your desired color temperature (2700K to 5000K) by sliding the switch on the fixture to the corresponding setting.

8. Installing the Junction Box:

Fit the junction box into the mounting hole in the ceiling.

9. Fixture Installation:

Insert the fixture into the mounting hole and release the spring-loaded clips to secure it flush against the ceiling.

10. Ceiling Compatibility:

These lights are designed for a double-layered drywall ceiling, providing a snug and seamless fit.

11. Airtight Installation:

Maintain an airtight seal with the included foam gasket, which should remain between the fixture and ceiling.

Installing Retrofit Recessed Lighting

retrofit recessed lighting installation

1. Adjusting the Socket Bracket:

Inside the lighting can, loosen the wing nut and slide the socket bracket to its highest position, then retighten.

2. Attaching the Socket Adapter:

Screw the socket adapter into the existing socket, just like you would with a light bulb.

3. Connecting the Fixture:

Connect the female connector on your light fixture to the male connector of the socket adapter assembly.

4. Installing the Retrofit Recessed Light:

For 4" lights: Squeeze the friction blades, tuck all wires into the can, and push the retrofit trim into place.

For 6" lights: Squeeze the torsion spring arms together and insert them into the torsion spring slots or receiver brackets in your can.

Safety Reminder:

Ensure everything fits smoothly and securely without forcing any parts together.


Upgrading to NuWatt's recessed lighting is not just about enhancing the aesthetics of your space but also about embracing energy efficiency and advanced lighting technology. Follow these steps carefully to safely install your recessed light and enjoy the transformed ambiance of your home or office.