Indoor Lighting Solutions for Commercial Spaces


As a seasoned expert in the field, this blog will provide a clear understanding of what commercial lighting entails, the common types available, and who can benefit from these innovative lighting solutions. Whether you're a business owner, facility manager, or lighting enthusiast, this blog post will be your ultimate guide to navigating the world of commercial lighting with confidence and expertise. Commercial lighting encompasses various fixtures for business and industrial settings, including offices, retail stores, warehouses, and hospitality venues. From LED tubes and linear shop lights to recessed lights and highbays, each type serves specific purposes tailored to the unique requirements of commercial spaces. 

What Are the Types of Commercial Lighting Fixtures?

 LED Ceiling Panels

LED Ceiling Panels

LED ceiling panels are flat lighting fixtures. Today’s ultra-thin LED ceiling panels are easy to install and maintain. Businesses can reduce their energy consumption by about 85% by switching to high-performance LED panels. LED ceiling panels are commonly used in commercial buildings, offices, schools, hospitals, and retail stores to provide efficient and aesthetically pleasing illumination.


Common LED Ceiling Panel Applications:


Drop in, surface mount, and hang mount LED Ceiling Panels

LED ceiling panels are one of the most versatile lighting options available for commercial settings. You’ll find them everywhere, from retail stores to airports, office buildings, and more. Check out this related blog on the topic. Some of the most common ceiling panel applications include:

  • Office spaces
  • Conference rooms
  • Retail stores
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Supermarkets

    Common Sizes for LED Panels 

    LED panels are available in a wide range of sizes. The most common sizes include:

  • 1x1 FT
  • 1x2 FT
  • 1x4 FT
  • 2x2 FT
  • 2x4 FT

     The Difference Between Surface Mount and Drop-In:


    Surface-mount LED panels are directly mounted on the ceiling surface, while drop-in panels fit into a suspended ceiling grid. Drop-in panels make it easy to access overhead utilities like pipes and ductwork, so they’re a common choice for commercial settings that prioritize ease of maintenance and upgrades. On the other hand, surface mount panels are more popular for residential spaces with drywall ceilings.

    The differences between surface mount and drop-in LED panels

    LED Tubes

    LED tubes


    LED tubes are energy-efficient replacements for traditional fluorescent tubes. They are used in various commercial settings to reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs. Their long lifespan and durability make them ideal for areas with continuous lighting needs, such as corridors, parking garages, and industrial facilities. Some LED tubes on the market are designed to replace outdated fluorescent blubs in as little as 1 minute, thanks to their compatibility with old and new ballast fixtures. Just insert the LED bulb into the fixture and turn it on. It's that simple.


    Common LED Tube Applications:


    Common LED tube applications

    Commonly used in office buildings, schools, and hospitals, LED tubes are a top choice for commercial lighting because they can permanently reduce energy costs. Other common LED tube applications include:

  • Warehouses
  • Parking garages
  • Retail spaces
  • Corridors
  • Industrial facilities
  • Offices

    Common Sizes for LED Tubes:
  • 2 FT
  • 4 FT
  • 8 FT

  • Linear Shop Lights / Wraparounds

    Linear shop lights/wraparound lights

    Linear shop lights, also known as wraparound lights, are long, narrow fixtures used to illuminate retail spaces, workshops, and warehouses. Linear shop lights provide even and shadow-free illumination, making them ideal for task lighting and general ambient lighting in commercial and industrial environments. With features like adjustable wattage, color temperature options, and damp location ratings, linear shop lights offer flexibility and reliability for various applications.

    Common Applications for Linear Shop Lights:

    Multiple mounting options for linear shop lights

    Linear shop lights enhance visibility, improve productivity, and create focused bright lighting in spaces where visibility can make a big difference:

  • Retail stores and displays
  • Workshops
  • Utility areas
  • Storage facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Garages

  • Common Sizes for Shop Lights:

  • 2 FT
  • 4 FT

  • Highbays

    Highbay lights

    Highbay lights are designed for high ceilings and provide powerful illumination for large spaces like industrial warehouses. They typically hang from the ceiling, suspended on hooks or chains. Highbay lights effectively illuminate expansive areas while minimizing energy consumption, making them a popular choice for businesses seeking efficient lighting for large indoor spaces. Highbays also come in a linear rectangular shape and round disc shape, both offer the same benefits as the other.

    Common Applications for Highbays:

    Warehouse high bay installation

    Highbays are a common light choice for large spaces where optimal lighting is needed to ensure safety and productivity. These can include:
    • Warehouses
    • Gymnasiums
    • Hangars
    • Manufacturing facilities
    • Indoor sports arenas

    Common Sizes for Highbays:

    • 60W
    • 80W
    • 100W
    • 110W
    • 150W
    • 165W
    • 240W

    Recessed Lights
    Recessed lights, also known as can lights or downlights, are very popular today because they are installed directly up into the ceiling rather than being mounted to the surface with screws. Recessed lights create a more modern appearance that does not protrude or take up any space in the room. This can be a benefit in rooms with low ceilings or where headroom is a concern.

    These lights are commonly used in both residential and commercial applications, but commercial LED lights are considered superior because of their higher voltage range (120-277V), Intertek certifications, fire ratings, and wide range of features.

    Common Applications for Recessed Lights:


    Recessed lights in office
    Recessed lights are a go-to option for:

    • Offices
    • Retail stores
    • Restaurants
    • Hotels
    • Commercial kitchens


    Why Switch From Fluorescent to LED Lights for Commercial

    The advantages of switching from fluorescent to commercial LED lights are undeniable. From cost savings and energy efficiency to superior light quality and durability, commercial LED lighting are a practical and easy way for businesses to slash energy costs permanently.

    Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

    LED lights are renowned for their energy efficiency. They consume significantly less power than their fluorescent counterparts, which translates to substantial cost savings on electricity bills. This makes commercial grade LED lighting a financially savvy choice for businesses aiming to optimize their operational expenses. Additionally, commercial grade LED lights have a longer lifespan compared to fluorescent bulbs, reducing replacement costs over time.

    More Features with Digital LED Technology

    Commercial LED technology offers superior light quality, with options for adjustable color temperatures and brightness levels, and is cheaper than outdated alternatives. Traditional light bulbs cannot offer these features; they lack the digital technology used by LED lights.

    Compliance and Regulatory Benefits

    Depending on where you are, you may qualify for energy rebates. Additionally, commercial LED lights are designed to pass state and government regulatory safety inspections or codes.

    How to Tell if a Commercial LED Light is Quality

     With so many commercial LEDs on the market, it can be challenging to know which ones are quality and which ones are subpar. When shopping for commercial lighting, be on the lookout for the following product features and characteristics.

    Critical Features for LED Panels

    Benefits of NUWATT backlit panels


    1. UL Listed Certification: This certification reflects rigorous testing for maximum safety and reliability. You can trust these LED panels for commercial applications where safety is paramount.
    2. Selectable Wattage and Color: The ability to choose between energy-efficient power settings and color options is a key feature of LED panels. This allows you to customize brightness levels without compromising performance and to perfectly tailor your environment with ambient lighting.
    3. Selectable Lumen Output: This allows you to adjust luminosity to provide optimal brightness no matter the setting.
    4. 0-10V Dimmable & Wide Voltage Range: The best-quality commercial LED panels make it easy to fine-tune your lighting environment with precise dimming capabilities. A broad voltage range helps to ensure seamless integration into any drop ceiling grid.
    5. Drop-in Ceiling Mount: These panels are designed to easily fit into an existing drop-in ceiling grid for a reduced installation time without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. This is critical for commercial spaces that have a suspended grid ceiling.


    Critical Features for Led Tubes

    LED tube solutions
    1. Type A + B Versatility: This allows you to choose ballast-compatible LED tube functionality for a simple Plug & Play installation or bypass the ballast for optimal energy savings.
    2. High Brightness: Ideal for workspaces, garages, and kitchen lighting, high brightness ensures optimal visibility for precision tasks.
    3. Fluorescent Replacement for T8, T10, or T12 Bulbs: Replace your outdated fluorescent lighting with a powerful LED tube suitable for commercial and residential workspaces. 
    4. Shatterproof: Choosing a shatterproof LED tube will give you extra peace of mind and add an extra layer of safety to your lighting solution. 
    5. Multi-fixture Compatibility: LED tubes with multi-fixture compatibility are ideal for diverse lighting applications. 
    6. Wide Voltage Range Compatibility: LED tubes that support a wide range of voltages are a flexible solution for various electrical applications.


    Critical Features for Linear Shop Lights

    Linear shop lights product details


    1. Power Select Wattage 40W/30W/20W: The ability to select different wattage levels provides flexibility in lighting output. This feature is essential for achieving optimal illumination while maximizing energy efficiency.
    2. Voltage range of 120-277: The wide voltage range ensures compatibility with various electrical systems, making these lights suitable for a range of commercial settings.
    3. Tri-Color CCT Adjustable color/kelvin switch from 3000K, 4000K, 5000K: This feature allows you to create different atmospheres and cater to specific lighting preferences, from warm white to cool white and daylight.
    4. Damp Location Rated: This indicates if a shop light is designed to withstand moisture and humidity, making it suitable for environments with occasional exposure to water or moisture.
    5. UL and DLC listed: UL and DLC listings signify shop lights meeting stringent safety and performance standards. UL listing ensures electrical safety, while DLC listing indicates energy efficiency and utility rebates or incentives eligibility.


    Critical Features for Recessed Lights

    Recessed lights features

    1. 6W/8W/12W Changeable: The ability to change wattage levels (6W, 8W, 12W) provides flexibility in lighting output, allowing you to adjust brightness according to specific needs and energy requirements.
    2. 2-HOUR FIRE RATED: The 2-hour fire rating ensures safety by protecting against fire hazards, making these recessed lights suitable for use in fire-sensitive areas.
    3. 5-COLOR CHANGING TEMPERATURES SELECTABLE: Selectable color temperatures (CCT) offer versatility, allowing you to choose from 5 different color options to create various lighting moods and ambiance.
    4. HD COLOR ACCURACY (CRI 90): High-definition color accuracy with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 90 ensures vivid and true-to-life colors, ideal for environments where color accuracy is crucial, such as retail displays or art galleries.
    5. 0-10V Dimmable: Dimmable functionality allows you to adjust the brightness level of the lights, providing control over lighting intensity and energy savings.
    6. Damp Location Rated: Damp location rating indicates that these lights are designed to withstand moisture and humidity, making them suitable for use in areas like bathrooms, kitchens, or covered outdoor spaces.
    7. ENERGY STAR: ENERGY STAR certification signifies energy efficiency and performance standards, ensuring that these recessed lights meet stringent energy savings and environmental sustainability criteria.

    Critical Features for Highbays

    Highbay specifications


    1. 1-10V Dimmable: The 1-10V dimmable feature allows you to adjust the brightness level of the highbay and lighting intensity and energy savings based on your specific needs and preferences.
    2. UL & DLC Listed: Being UL and DLC  listed ensures that highbay lights meet stringent safety and performance standards, assuring quality, reliability, and eligibility for utility rebates or incentives.
    3. High Lumen Count: A high lumen count indicates that highbay lights emit a significant amount of brightness. This makes them suitable for illuminating large indoor spaces with high ceilings, such as warehouses, gymnasiums, and industrial facilities. This ensures optimal visibility and productivity.
    4. Waterproofing: Waterproofing or IP65/IP66 ratings ensure that highbay lights are protected against dust and water ingress, making them suitable for use in challenging environments where moisture, humidity, or dust exposure is a concern, such as outdoor areas or wet locations within facilities.


    Final Thoughts

    In conclusion, understanding the nuances of commercial lighting is paramount in optimizing functionality, aesthetics, and energy efficiency within commercial and industrial spaces. Some of the most common types of commercial lighting include LED Ceiling Panels, LED Tubes, shop lights, recessed lighting, and high bays. By exploring common commercial lighting fixtures and their applications, businesses can make informed decisions to enhance productivity, create inviting atmospheres, and reduce operational costs. With NuWatt’s commercial lighting solutions, you can revamp your lighting and create a safe, welcoming, and efficient environment.